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Tape & Fasteners

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How to order the correct amount of tape:

  1. Order fabrication tape. Start by measuring the perimeter of the crawl space and then estimate the seams. Fab tape is used for attaching the vapor barrier to the wall. Our fabrication tape is unmatched in strength and quality by any other tape on the market.
  2. Order seam tape. Seam tape is used anywhere the vapor barrier overlaps. Use the super heavy duty seam tape for storage areas where you may be sliding boxes, building materials and other storage items. Use the heavy duty seam tape for any other application.
  3. Because of concrete degradation, potential moisture and temperature changes on perimeter walls, we recommend using a mechanical fastener every 3 ft. along the top of the vapor barrier (us a ΒΌ" concrete drill bit and install through the vapor barrier and fab tape).

* It is very common to not order enough tape. Order extra! will buy back any unused rolls and we even pay for return shipping.