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Vapor Barriers

Measuring for vapor barrier:

  1. Measure your perimeter walls. Most crawls will require 4' rolls around the perimeter. Remember to leave a 3-6' space at the top of the wall for termite inspection, and 12' overlap for any seams. Tall crawls may need two 4' widths or a 12' width roll.
  2. Measure your square footage. Remember you will want a 12' overlap for any seams. Order whatever combination of rolls you need. You may want a little extra for corrections and repairs.

* It is a good idea to make a sketch of your crawl space. This will help you in ordering both the correct size vapor barrier rolls and the tape you will need. Don�t forget to factor in piers, support walls and any other obstructions. A good plan will save you time and money. All rolls are shipped on a 4' spool. The 12' width is tri-folded and shipped on a 4' spool for easier handling.

NT-1600 Extra Heavy Duty
NT-FR2000 Fire Retardant
  • 16 mil thickness
  • 3-ply polyethylene
  • White color
  • 58 lb / 1000 ft'
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  • Fire retardant
  • 20 mil thickness
  • 5-ply polyethylene
  • White/natural color
  • 74 lb / 1000 ft'
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Qty Dimensions
4' x 100' $160.00 ea.
Qty Dimensions
4' x 50' $125.00 ea.
4' x 100' $240.00 ea.
12' x 50' $365.00 ea.
12' x 100' $-1.00 ea.

IMPORTANT - If you have combustion appliances in your crawl space such as a furnace or water heater, you should consult your HVAC professional prior to installing a crawl space vapor barrier system. Always install a carbon monoxide detector in areas with combustion appliances.